Zoonoses Editorial Board Meeting June 2021

Beijing, China, June 19th 2021

List of Attendees

Xiaoping Dong, Xingquan Zhu, Hua Li, Ke Lan, Zhenjun Li, Cao Chen, Jianping Cao, Huanyu Wang, Xuejun Ma, Qi Shi, Lixia Chen, Han Xia, Wei Wang.

Zoonoses Editorial Board Members

On June 19, 2021, Zoonoses editorial board meeting was held in Beijing, China. The meeting was hosted by Zoonoses Co-Editor-in-Chief, Xiaoping Dong and attended by Deputy-Editors-in-Chief Xingquan Zhu and Hua Li, Managing Editor Wei Wang and other editorial board members.

Professor Xiaoping Dong addressing the meeting

As Zoonoses develops, the journal will have an international focus which will be reflected by the makeup of the Editorial Board and journal authorship.   Zoonoses is currently preparing special issues on subjects such as ‘emerging and re-emerging zoonoses in this changing world’ and other topics of emerging research interest. Initially accepted articles will focus on systematic reviews of current hot topics in zoonoses research.

Wei Wang introducing journal strategy

Professor Dong issuing certificates of appointment to Editorial Board members

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